A Message from the Owner

Have an outdoor patio? Maybe a pool? Or even a tiki bar?
Love Florida and the Caribbean for their palm trees and calm relaxing evenings? Live in KY where it freezes every winter? Well, you have found your place for a taste of the island ambience year-round!

We specialize in faux palm trees, made entirely of metal. We
have tons of complementary pieces to accentuate your palm tree focal point and your
own piece of paradise right here in KY.

About Me

I’m a Florida and Caribbean lover living in KY, and after 5 years of fighting to keep real palm trees alive in KY, I’ve come up with the solution for the cold winters of the Ohio valley while not breaking the bank potting, fertilizing, and watering real palm trees all summer long - avoiding heating and protecting costs through Kentuckiana’s sometimes harsh winters and unexpected freezes.

We’re reasonably priced, and WAY more cost effective than managing real palms. Our goal is to elevate everyone's enjoyment of outdoor life with a little taste of the islands up north. We offer multiple models ranging from 6-9 feet with some models as tall as 11 feet fully assembled. We have installation accessories for yard, gravel and concrete mounting, depending on model. We also offer Commerical volume discounts for large residential projects.

We are regularly introducing new models based on customer feedback.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions.  We currently only offer local pickup and installation in Kentuckiana, but we can also work with your pool installation or landscaping crew to arrange design and installation.

Thank you for your interest in Rusty Palms!